Multimedia Web Surveys – results from a field experiment on the use of audio and video clips in Web surveys
Marek Fuchs & Frederik Funke

Paper presented at the 5th international conference on Survey and Statistical Computing of the Association for Survey Computing
September 12-14, 2007 in Southampton (GB)


In recent years Web surveys have been enriched by graphics and pictures – some of which are content-bearing. Methodological evaluations have shown that these pictures can have a serious impact on the perceived question meaning and thus on the responses provided. In this paper we will report preliminary results from an assessment of the next step towards a full audiovisual Web survey. In spring of 2007 we have conducted a field experimental randomized comparison of a traditional text-based Web surveys to a Web survey containing videos of an interviewer reading the questions to the respondents. In the paper, unit non-response, social desirability and social presence are evaluated. In addition, we assess response times as well as the social setting and the location in which the survey was filled in.